Friday, November 17, 2017

Enjoy Our Tasty Cheese Sticks

You'll Love Our Cheese Sticks

Treat yourself to a flavorful and delicious order of cheesesticks (8) at Farmers Pizza. Order these tasty appetizers  today for only $4.99.  

We also offer Other Appetizers in different varieties like:

Onion Rings: $2

Mozzarella Sticks (6): $5

Zuchinni Sticks (6): $2

Baked Clams (4): $5

Broccoli sauteed in Garlic and Oil: $4

Garlic Bread: $2

Garlic Bread with Mozzerella: $3

Meat Balls (2): $4

Sausage (2): $4

Beef Patty: $2

Beef Patty with Cheese: $3

Beef Patty with Cheese & Pepperoni: $3.50

Beef Patty with Cheese & Coco Bread: $4.50

Pepperoni Roll: $1

Sweet Plantain: $3

Beans: $2.50

Rice: $2

Fried Calamari: 10 X $3 or 20 X $5

Ask for our Special Farmers Pizza Menu Discount Prices of 10% percent off listed prices.  Believe us you'll enjoy the tasty and succulent salads. Call Now to Order: 718-464-1500

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  2. This menu is so pocket friendly. It fits a students need to for an eat out. I am looking forward to tasting and confirming the value of the money