Friday, March 2, 2018

Enjoy Our Delicious Grilled Chicken Caesar Pizza

Order Our Succulent and
Savory Grilled Chicken Caesar Pizza

We have spicy and tasty dishes at Farmers Pizza like our delicious Grilled Chicken Caesar Pizza.

You'll enjoy it. Only $17 for the large Grilled Chicken Caesar and $20 for the XLarge.

Other Delicious Specialty Pizzas

Ask about our other Special Pizzas ranging $15 to $21 for large and $18 to $28 for XLarge Speciality Pizzas.

Our Speciality Pizzas also comes in different pizza combos like:

BBQ Chicken Pizza

White Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

Baked Ziti Pizza

Vegetable Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch and

Classic Farmers Pizza

Order Now Call: 718-464-1500
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