Monday, December 21, 2020

Enjoy Our Delicious Classic Traditional Pizza

Order Our Delicious Traditional Pizza Pie

We have spicy dishes at Farmers Pizza, like our flavorful Regular Pizza: $11 for Large and $13 for Extra Large.  Order now by calling: 718-464-1500 Or Click Here

  Also Try Our Delicious Specialty Pizzas

Ask about our other Special Pizzas ranging $15 to $21 for large and $18 to $28 for XLarge Speciality Pizzas.

Our Speciality Pizzas also comes in different pizza combos like:

BBQ Chicken Pizza

White Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

Baked Ziti Pizza

Vegetable Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch and

Classic Farmers Pizza

Order Now Call: 718-464-1500
Click Here

Or Call 718-464-1500

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